Jeff Kennett has penned the following letter to members...

Dear members,

This will be short, and I will come back to you in more detail before the week is out.

I just wanted to reflect, and on behalf of the Board thank those of the club, officials, coaches, medical staff, players etc. who have travelled over the past few weeks representing our great club.

Yes, it is what they are paid to do, but it is not something they anticipated to do when they signed up to join Hawthorn.

Some have had family with them, but many have been separated for weeks.

It has been a great effort by individuals who have travelled, families they have left behind, and the staff back here in Victoria who have borne considerable work loads to keep the show moving.

Our last game yesterday was a beauty, and you may well ask why we did not see more of that during the year? Hopefully, we will next year.

And what a great conclusion to Stratts and Poppy’s long and highly successful careers with us. Poppy scoring goals from all over the pitch and Stratts, 202 games, his first goal in 2010, and the second yesterday in 2020. Imagine what he might have scored if he had played another 10 years!

More on the season and the future later.

This note is simply a sincere vote of thanks to our travellers and their families, and our staff.

We are indebted to you all.

Jeff Kennett