Hawthorn Football Club and BankVic are passionate about recognising the ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their communities. BankVic is the bank for Police, Health and Emergency Services, and will present a champion from the Emergency Services sector to be celebrated each week, with their stories to be shared via hawthornfc.com.au.

In the spotlight this week is…

Scott Cummings.

Scott began as a project fire fighter seasonally and after a few summers was awarded a full-time position and is now the Work Operations Coordinator.

He was a leader in the Buchan Valley community during the 2020 season ensuring that information about the fire reached all community members.  Scott also carried out welfare checks on isolated members when the power was out in Buchan. 

District Manager Gail Penfold – who completed the nomination – says Scott is “a valuable community member and well respected because of the time he has spent building rapport with the Buchan Valley community.”

Thanks for all that you do, Scott.

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BankVic ES Champion - Scott

Guys like Scott are the true heroes. 'We thank you for all you do, Scott.

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